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Best Trees For A Front Yard in NZ

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Main

It’s easy to make mistakes while planting tiny urban gardens, such as going overboard and selecting species that overwhelm and clutter the space, or worse, being reluctant to plant anything at all. Plants, on the other hand, are the finest tool you can employ in any size garden, their expense much exceeded by the beauty, seclusion, and joy they can give in a short period of time. Yes, in tiny gardens, plant selection and location must be carefully considered, but if done correctly, it’s astonishing how many plants can be cultivated in small places.

Layering and combining low, medium, and taller species together is an important part of planting in compact city gardens. Your plants will thrive in these pairings because they enjoy the protection of other plants that give shade from the sun and wind, as well as a consistent supply of leaf mulch.

When properly cared for, many species of trees may survive for many years and are a lifetime investment. The sort of tree you pick, where you plant it, and the care you are willing to offer once it is planted all influence how well your tree, and investment, develops.

Good things come in little packages, and when it comes to home garden decorative trees, bigger isn’t necessarily better. When planting and purchasing trees, take your time and make sure you choose the correct tree for the purpose.

If you need shade, consider a tree with a canopy, or if you want fall tones, choose something that changes its leaves colour as the seasons chill. And remember, even if you don’t know much about trees you can visit your local garden center and ask an expert.

If water and soil are the garden’s lifeblood, then trees must be its skeleton. They offer the framework for the garden’s structure and characteristics. Trees are categorised as having one (or more) main trunks that sustain the entire plant, branches, side shoots, and laterals – all of which emerge from the main trunk (s). In general, trees are larger than bushes. Trees come in a variety of forms and sizes; in this issue, we’ll look at how and where to employ smaller decorative trees that are excellent for the house and garden.

Crab Apple Trees

Crab apple trees (Malus species) are suitable for tiny urban gardens where plants must be multi-taskers because to their elegant shape and flexibility.

Crab apples are perfectly on target with their gorgeous blossoms in the spring, lovely green foliage in the summer, colourful fruit that birds enjoy, and golden leaves in the autumn. Another advantage is that they lose their leaves in the winter, which is ideal for small places where sunlight is scarce at that time of year.

Among the various crab apple varieties, there are a variety of blossom colours, shapes, and heights to select from.

CrabApple Tree


Another method to create eye-catching focus points is to sculpt plants into eye-catching forms like these exquisite cones. The ancient art of topiary has risen and fallen in favour throughout the years, but it is currently fashionable.

Potted topiary may transform even the most bleak urban garden into a haven of beauty for tiny urban garden owners who don’t have much space for plants.

Topiary Tree

Liriope Muscari

When space is limited, reducing the grass and planting ground coverings like Liriope muscari is a much better option.

With summer and fall, this low-growing evergreen perennial develops thick, grassy clumps that are covered in spiky purple-blue blooms. It is cold resistant and prefers dry shade.


ULMUS Louis van Houtte

Beautiful towering tree with golden yellow leaves. Beautiful trees in the autumn. Has a wide-domed crown. Beautiful shade, specimen, or avenue tree.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

 Sometimes you may have existing trees that just need to go. These trees may be dangerous or maybe you simply need to make room for your next landscaping project to make your home more beautiful. 

In these cases we suggest you consult a specialist and get in contact with a professional arborist who can help with your tree removal requirements. Arborists will have the expertise, skills, and tools to get the trees removed safely and efficiently and help with any tree cutting service that you require. Many tree specialists also offer services such as stump grinding, and tree stump removal as well as hedge trimming and tree pruning. 


Places to plant tiny decorative trees

Planting Decorative Trees

A little courtyard garden. Thuja smargd, maples, dwarf apple trees, pleached or espaliered trees are examples of upright tall, thin plants. The use of wall plaques, tall narrow containers, and upright thin line water features is effective. The trick here is to avoid selecting anything that is excessively large and wide, since this will make the space appear smaller.

Plant Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder,’ Japanese maples, or Michelia sp. in shaded areas. Garden lighting will improve the garden at night, and it should be used with pale-colored plants to lighten the area, such as hostas or astelias, for all-day appeal. Pale-colored pots or limestone sculptures and mirrors will give interest and charm to these spaces.

Try a pair of big planters with a plant with strong shape and clean lines as an entrance way. Portuguese laurels and ordinary bay trees underplanted with black mondo grass look fantastic and are low-maintenance. Lime washed pots and plants will brighten up the beds and outside areas. Lime trees, which have gold bark in the winter and lime green leaves the rest of the year, can also be pleached or espaliered.