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Last month we had a furniture moving job that didn’t go to plan at Birkenhead, North Shore Auckland as we were helping one of our clients families move out from their home and into their home. Their initial furniture mover did not show and so they urgently needed a North Shore mover to come help. They were ready to move out and after one hour, the booked moving service didn’t show. With the house already packed up and ready for the move, our client was stuck and desperately needed to move immediately!

Upon hearing the problem, we called Jaime from Pro Moving Services to see if he could help move this family from the North Shore to Swanson. Jaime agreed and organised his moving team and a furniture moving truck to help move the family.

Here is Jaime from Pro Moving Services and his account of the move. “It wasn’t exactly easy trying to slip this new client into our busy schedule but life is packed with such problems. We all have families and fundamental needs so it’s easy to relate with the situation going on and pulling in all the stops to help. On top of that, those unreliable and lazy movers that wasted the families time soiled the good reputation of furniture movers all around Auckland, therefore it wasn’t simply a job, it was a mission to restore the rep of furniture movers everywhere.

With that all booked up, we were ready to carry out our reliable Auckland mover service. Within the hour infact, small wonder in all honesty and very much to the homeowners delight. Sometimes it is the small things that make being a furniture mover worth it. Seeing the smiles on their faces made the effort to fit them in worth while.

As all great furniture movers do, we had a made a plan before getting to started to figure out what we should move first. It’s all good going in swinging and attacking the work immediately but that’s how you end up screwing up and that leads to expensive mistakes. I didn’t want this furntiure moving job in Birkenhead to go wrong just as any other job that we at Pro Moving Services do. I take great pride in the moving business and our service history. So we had a good long mission planning session and identified how to begin our work. A lot of the items still needed proper packing into boxes and some of the antique furniture would require plenty of additional moving blankets to ensure they go in safely and survive the trip unscathed.

Fast forward a few hours and we got nearly all of the boxes packed up and organised safely. Making sure that heavy items were placed in the bottom of the boxes with light things on top helped ensure that nothing would get squashed or damaged. I helped Maria and her kids move their clothing and small items quickly and showed them how to unpack the boxes at the other end without any problems.

The real mission was moving the pool table out from the rumpus room. It was designed for billiard tournaments and was carved from pure oak that was shipped down from Kaitaia in the late 1920’s. As well as having solid kiwi construction, it was inlaid with gold and platinum accents alongside steel rods that kept it all together. I could barely lift it, let alone get it into the furniture moving truck! We ended up getting the help of the mailman and courier that happened to show up. It was a team effort but we got that thing safely in the truck and wrapped up.

Around 1pm we were setting across Auckland with all the furniture packed up and ready to unload at the new house in Swanson, West Auckland.