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Here’s some great advice from an expert in keeping your beautiful Auckland home safe and secure.  

Brian from Auckland Security Cameras has kindly donated an extract from his ebook Home Security Cameras to get you thinking about what’s possible in 2020 and beyond.  He’s an expert in the CCTV Auckland market with over a decade experience & really knows his stuff.

Here’s a few of the most common questions he gets asked by discerning Auckland home owners

Security Cameras – Do They Have To Look Ugly? 

Definitely not.

You have the option of cameras like the one shown above which are virtually unnoticeable on the exterior of a house – and which look like a modern light fitting if you install them inside.

Of course in some locations around your home you may want the cameras to be more obvious so you’d select a form based on what you need.

The important thing here is that you’re no longer stuck with big ugly looking things that would look more at home on a prison than a house.

Are Security Cameras Effective?

Yes they are highly effective at their main jobs which are to faithfully and accurately record what happens around your home day and night.

But have you ever thought about what else they could be useful for?

Maybe they will be the swiss army knife of home security & automation soon because they really are that useful.

First though let’s look at some security uses:

  • record evidence of all movement around your property
  • deter burglars & home invaders by making your home a harder target
  • let you see what’s going on at home, from anywhere at any time
  • alert you when something happens
  • play alarms sounds or pre-recorded voice messages to intruders
  • let you speak to people on your property using your mobile and the camera speaker
  • see who’s at the door

Now, what about other uses for security cameras?

  • check when contractors are on-site and what they do
  • check what the kids are up to
  • check what the courier did or even open a door for them when you’re at work so your expensive package is safe
  • check your pets
  • check the nanny or babysitter

Is there a more effective device in existence for peace of mind about your precious home?

Remember that your alarm won’t always be on, but your cameras will.  

Like a faithful servant who never needs time off or feeding and who wont bark unless you want it to.

Are CCTV Cameras In Auckland Expensive?

The obvious answer must be no, because so many people are installing them on their homes.  Our business has seen a steady but relentless rise in the number of enquiries from home owners over the past 5 years.  It’s now to the point where they well and truly exceed the number of business enquiries.

Another way to look at the question is to ask … expensive compared to what?

A Security Guard? $25/hr so that’ll be $18,186 per month for 24/7 cover,  without any recording of data of course.

What about compared to historical prices?  In the 1990s a low res 4 camera system for a small shop might be $15,000 or more – today more like $2,000 to $3,000 and at least 10 times better image quality.  Oh and you won’t have to change a VCR tape every day either!

So no, they’re not expensive.  They are incredibly good value for what they do.

Of course one way they can be expensive is if they don’t work properly.

That’s why it’s so important to do 2 things:

  1. get an expert to install the system, and 
  2. get it monitored so you know when it has problems.  ( Notice I didn’t say “if it has problems”.  It’s a computer so it’ll fail – the only question is when. )

Quite often the ‘problems’ will have nothing to do with the system.

They’ll be caused by you.

You will change your computer.

You will change your mobile.

You will change your internet service provider.

All of these will probably mean you can’t see your cameras any more.  

When that happens you need to be able to get expert help to do what needs to be done to get you back on-line.

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